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Create4Adelaide, a participatory project of Adelaide Festival, welcomes submissions of artwork from young people from 1 August.

Local artists, influential figures and politicians have taken to social media today to support Create4Adelaide’s open call to begin creating art. They join Adelaide Festival in calling young people across South Australia to use their creative abilities to help fight climate change.

Artworks submitted for Create4Adelaide are a creative response to three climate change priorities that 2,000 young people voted on during an earlier stage of the project. These priorities are extinction of plants and animals, extreme weather events (such as bushfires, droughts and floods) and pollution of our air and waterways.

All art forms will be accepted, including visual arts, poetry and video, but must be able to be submitted digitally. The submitted artworks will be displayed on the Create4Adelaide website and voted on by young people across South Australia. The top voted works forming an exhibition in the 2024 Adelaide Festival.

Create4Adelaide is also offering workshops with groups of young people in schools, libraries and other community centres upon request. These workshops provide a space where young people can engage in critical reflection on the present state of our planet, as well as provide them with the tools they need to begin creating. Young people and teachers can also access online learning packs and educational resources to assist them with engaging with the three climate priorities.

Create4Adelaide provides a chance for young people across South Australia to be part of a cultural journey. It is a platform to think about how climate change is impacting their community, to develop their creative abilities and to take action for the future of our planet.

Adelaide Festival Artistic Director Ruth Mackenzie said: “With the launch of the open call, Create4Adelaide invites all young peoples’ voices to be heard – a vital component in our fight against climate change. We’ve already gathered a strong collection of artworks through our Create4Adelaide workshops and we’re excited to see what else young people come up with now that submissions have opened. Climate change activism needs new voices to lead the way. I invite every young person who hears this message to get creative and get involved.”

Minister for Arts Andrea Michaels MP said: “It is wonderful to witness the convergence of young people’s creativity and passion for such an important cause. Create4Adelaide is playing a pivotal role in empowering young people by providing them with a platform to address the most pressing issues of our era.”

Young people can submit artwork by sharing on social media using #C4A or via the Create4Adelaide website at 

Photo: Ayushan, Alice, Piper and Chloe from The Hills Montessori School in Aldgate creating art for Create4Adelaide.