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Writers' Week is over for another year. Read on for info about our Tell me Your Story series or click the button below to access our 2022 podcasts.

Listen to the 2022 podcasts


Tell Me Your Story, we said to an extraordinary array of wonderful writers. With these varied memoirs and autobiographically inspired novels published over the last twelve months, our panellists have done just that.

Brave, moving, entertaining – often all at once – these stories provide insight into men and women with vastly different backgrounds and life experiences who all share courage, reflection and a capacity to write.

Tell Me Your Story: Tue 8 Mar
Plane Tree Stage, Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden

Tue 8 Mar, 9.30am
Son of Sin with Omar Sakr

Tue 8 Mar, 10.45am
Beyond Boyhood with Brandon Jack and Paul Kennedy

Tue 8 Mar, 12pm
Black and Blue: A Memoir of Racism and Resilience with Veronica Gorrie

Tue 8 Mar, 1.15pm
The Shape of Sound with Fiona Murphy

Tue 8 Mar, 2.30pm
The Mother Wound with Amani Haydar

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