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Coral: Rekindling Venus

Lynette Wallworth

Past Event
  • About


    In June 2012 a new work by remarkable Australian artist Lynette Wallworth was shown simultaneously in 14 countries across the world to coincide with the Transit of Venus: a rare cosmic event that for hundreds of years has united even warring nations. Coral: Rekindling Venus is unique: part meditation, part revelation, part hallucination.

    Lie back under the giant projection dome of the Adelaide Planetarium and be surrounded by staggeringly beautiful coral reef imagery and high-resolution microscopic footage that is like nothing you’ve ever seen: an alien world in luminous colour that will take your breath away. There’s no narration, no polemics, but the effect on your eyes and ears (music by Max Richter, Gurrumul and Anohni among others) will ignite an outrage at the imminent disappearance of this teeming universe that will burn in you forever.

    Lynette Wallworth is the 2016 recipient of the Byron Kennedy Award at the 6th AACTA Awards

  • Credits

    Conceived, Written and Directed by Lynnette Wallworth
    Producer John Maynard
    Principal Cinematographer David Hannan
    Music Max Richter
    Songs Gurrumul Yunupingu, Antony and the Johnsons (Anohni), Tanya Tagaq Gillis
    Additional music Fennesz and Sakamoto

    Images Coral Morphologic

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    Lynette Wallworth receives AACTA’s Byron Kennedy Award -


    LISTEN - Lynette Wallworth on Arts Breakfast - Radio Adelaide


    Artistic Directors Neil Armfield and Rachel Healy preview Coral: Rekindling Venus

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