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Join us for one of the final Adelaide concerts of the great Goldner String Quartet as we celebrate their exceptional musicianship and tremendous contribution to Australian music. 

At the 2000 Adelaide Festival, the Goldner String Quartet performed a 10-concert retrospective of great quartets of the 20th century. Over two decades later, the Quartet brings three concerts to Adelaide Festival as part of their 30th and final season. These concerts offer a continuation of that 2000 retrospective, adding music from the 21st century. Each of the concerts is devoted to a different decade, concluding in this Adelaide Town Hall concert with great works from the 2020s.  

Goldner String Quartet has curated a superb collection of works for this program, opening with music by rising Australian stars Harry Sdraulig and Christine Pan. This is followed by the Australian premiere of the latest quartet from Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks, his sublime String Quartet No. 6. In a remarkable celebration of their 30th and final year, the Quartet will also perform the Goldner Variations, a series of 30 short variations by Australian composers on Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. 

★★★★★ In [Goldner’s] hands, music has a life of its own... If there is a definitive way to enjoy music, this is it.



Sdraulig Quartet No.1
Pan Chronicles of the Ego  
Vasks String Quartet No.6 
30 Australian Composers Goldner Variations   


Goldner String Quartet will also present two concert as part of the Daylight Express series - a concert of works from the 2000s and a concert of works from the 2010s.

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