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HARBINGERS: Care or Catastrophe description

What could our future look like if we prioritise the environment, cultural practices and social wellbeing? What will it look like if we don’t? In HARBINGERS: Care or Catastrophe, five diverse artists interrogate these questions.  

Artists Chris De Rosa, Lara Tilbrook, Ellen Trevorrow, Clancy Warner and Laura Wills are united by a strong connection to regional South Australia and artistic practices that draw attention to the interconnectivity of humans and the natural world. They are passionate advocates for collective action to achieve a sustainable future.  

The newly commissioned works in HARBINGERS: Care or Catastrophe address issues of systematic (mis)management of natural resources, endemic loss of biodiversity, rising sea levels, migration policies, catastrophic fire events and ongoing colonialism. They also signal hope and offer more viable and balanced ways of being and belonging. 

HARBINGERS: Care or Catastrophe is commissioned by Country Arts SA in collaboration with Murray Bridge Regional Gallery as part of the SPUR 2022 skills development and commissioning initiative.

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