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Unannounced, a sperm whale beached itself on the shores of Glenelg (Pathawilyangga) and later on the banks of the Torrens River (Karrawirra Pari) in Elder Park. A grey giant with jaws wide open, eyeing the sky. A dumb question from the sea to man, a riddle from the deep.  

The beaching of a whale has always been a solemn yet captivating event. Whale is a gigantic metaphor of the disruption of our ecological system, embodying the feeling of disconnection between humans and nature. The game between fiction and reality comes to life in this tactile tragedy on Glenelg Beach and in Elder Park.
Since 2008, Captain Boomer Collective’s Whale has made strategic appearances in major cities including London, Paris, Warsaw and Madrid, as well as smaller cities and villages across Europe.  
Don’t miss Whale’s first and only visit to Australian shores. 


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Photos by Andrew Beveridge.

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