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Slingsby's Hall of Possibility content

Rear Hall, 96 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside
Kaurna land
(08) 8231 3007


From Glen Osmond Road, please go down the alleyway past the café towards the back of the building. The entrance to the venue is at the back of the café along this alleyway. Please note that it’s not lit all the way at night. You can also enter the hall venue from Kenilworth Road through the fences to the car park. There will be signage to the show.

By bus 

The nearest bus stop is Stop 3 Glen Osmond Road. From here, head down Kenilworth Road. It is a 2 minute walk to the venue.

By car

Car parking is available on surrounding streets. We encourage visitors to the venue to give themselves extra time to find a street park. During working hours there may be time limits on street parking spots.



The HOP is generally access friendly with a removable ramp at one side double door and an access restroom.