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Adelaide Writers' Week 2022: A Better Picture

We feted 2021 as heralding a new dawn but it turned out COVID had a few more pivots and plunges in store for us. Although South Australia has been mercifully spared the worst of it, the pernicious Delta strain wreaked new havoc on our plans, arts community and health systems, and, as we raced to vaccinate, lights at tunnels’ ends or on hills seemed dim (even as gas ones burned brightly).

Through the ennui, our authors and academics, poets and journalists dug deep and kept writing. They kept exploring, imagining, interrogating and inventing - engaging in the kind of expansive thinking that opens up possibilities and helps us see things anew. Our quest at the 2022 Adelaide Writers’ Week is to join our writers to think not just of the bigger picture, but of a better picture. To dream of a way we can build a post-COVID world with greater equality, humanity and community.

Our 2022 Festival features some of Australia’s most interesting and erudite minds – plus a few Zooming in from elsewhere. All come ready to contribute their most insightful and provocative ideas and I have no doubt that the combined creativity and imagination of our authors and audiences can bring a better picture into focus. I look forward to joining you in the Gardens in March for what will be my final Adelaide Writers’ Week.

Jo Dyer, Director


Full line-up and schedule released January 2022


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